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Vinculo Coffee

Nicaraguan Coffee

Nicaraguan Coffee

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Whole Bean/Grind

Our friend, Dominick, has connected us with two small batch producers outside of Esteli, Nicaragua. His family has been in the coffee industry for now four generations in Nicaragua working with farms his family has known for many years. He focuses on connecting producers, supporting their needs, educating them, and making sure these farmers and their families are treated fairly. 

Canta Gallo (singing rooster) is a cooperative of families producing a specialty coffee with year-round rainfall in high elevation with chilled temperatures (perfect for your cup of coffee).

Finca Mi Dulce Luna only cultivates 4.59 acres of coffee, under soursop and banana trees found in the Miraflor natural reserve. This farm is known for its premium quality harvest season after season producing an incredible cup.

You'll find notes of walnut, dark chocolate, vegetal, and citrus.

Coffee Connection For Difference Makers.

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